CHICAGO (CBS) — Accusations by a British newspaper of brutality at a West Side Chicago police facility prompted about 75 to protest and demand its closure, reports WBBM’s Bob Roberts.

The Guardian newspaper calls the Homan Square narcotics investigation facility a “black site” at which those arrested are beaten and denied access to lawyers and others. Police have denied the allegations.

The protestors want Homan Square shut down and a thorough investigation of Chicago police detention and interrogation policies. Protestor Andy Thayer focused his wrath on Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“I’m sorry Mr. Mayor, but you’ve lied to us about enough other things that we’re not just going to take your word for it that things are just fine and hunky dory in the building behind us here,” Thayer said.

Mike Holmgren of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network says the Chicago Police Department has a problem.

“These are not bad apples,” Holmgren said. “This is a hemlock tree. It’s poison. These are crimes against humanity and they must stop. As long as this system is in power, the world will be a horror.”

Another protestor read a letter from Brian Church, who was detained at Homan Square following his arrest during the 2012 NATO Summit telling them to keep protesting until it is shut down.