(CBS) — The Lake County, Indiana, Coroner’s office says the bodies of two infants have been found inside a Gary funeral home.

Gary Police say the bodies were found in the attic. One is a boy. The other is unknown.

It’s believed the bodies of both babies have been there in the Smith, Bizzell, Warner & Son Funeral Home for at least 10 years.

The current owners took over in 2005 – and the current owners are the ones who found the bodies.

The identities of the babies are unknown at this point.

A spokesman for the business said it used to store unidentified human remains in the building, in the hopes of eventually receiving information leading to a name and proper burial.

The funeral home said the remains had been stored properly for about 17 years, until a worker removed them last fall, and placed them in a ceiling, where new owners found the bodies.

The funeral home said that worker is no longer employed.

The Lake County Coroner’s office is calling them simply Baby Boy Doe and Baby Doe.

Neighbor Timothy Mullings says a proper funeral is long overdue.

“I hope they give them an honorable burial and they find out who they belong to,” he said.

Mullings doesn’t know who’s to blame but says it’s important that someone is punished.

“Either way someone needs to be held accountable for that,” he said. “It’s more than tragic.”

The coroner confirms her office was first told about this several months ago. She advised funeral officials to contact local and state officials to attempt to identify the babies, but when those efforts failed, that is when the police were called in Wednesday,