CHICAGO (CBS) — A group of four men crashed a van through the front of the Abt Electronics store in north suburban Glenview early Tuesday, in an apparent smash-and-grab attempt, but little did they know the store is monitored 24/7 by security guards and cameras.

Glenview police said, around 5:40 a.m., four offenders in two vehicles — a full-size van and a minivan — pulled into the Abt parking lot at 1200 Milwaukee Av.

The full-size silver van drove into the building through a set of glass doors. The man inside the van and three other offenders in the minivan then ran into the store, where they were confronted by a store employee.

The suspects ran out of the store and fled the scene in the minivan, but did not steal any merchandise, police said.

The store has several security cameras which likely recorded the attempted crash-and-grab.

“We have every entrance locked down, cameras all over the place. There’s not a blind spot anywhere, really,” Abt employee Jorge Alvarez said.

He said there are cameras inside and outside the store, including one that records every vehicle that pulls into the parking lot.

Glenview police confirmed the van left at the scene was stolen, reports CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, the license plate is registered to T.A.C. Karate and Fitness, located at 72nd and Stoney Island in Chicago.

The business owner tells CBS 2 a license plate from one of his vans was stolen early Sunday morning.

“As I was opening the blinds, I looked across and I could see the van like something looked odd about it and I couldn’t figure it out but as I thought about it and looked at it and then I realized the license plate was missing,” said Larry Tankson, owner of T.A.C. Karate.

Tankson says he’s hopeful neighboring businesses caught the thieves on camera.

The incident was under investigation, but no one was in custody Tuesday morning.