By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — Photos paint an ugly picture of a leaky roof, stained tiles, falling plaster, and buckets of dirty water inside George Washington High School.

Some worry the ceiling will fall in – others, about mold.

Students say this has been their reality for months.

Kelli Kovacevic has two children at the school.

“If you can see the mold on the wall, just imagine what’s on the inside that we can’t see,” she tells CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker. “This should have been fixed a long time ago.”

Chicago school officials say they had the roof repaired earlier this year, and they’ve been monitoring the problem. It’s unclear if they knew how bad the situation has become, but parents say the principal knew.

“He’s the principal. He’s in charge of that building and what goes on in that building and nothing’s been done,” says Tina Perez, head of the Local School Council.

The principal referred questions to Chicago Public Schools. CPS officials aren’t promising a new roof but say contractors will be at the school Monday to make any repairs.



Dorothy Tucker