(CBS) — A Chicago public high school received some roof-patching Monday, but parents and students say it doesn’t solve wider maintenance and health-related problems at the Southeast Side site.

A lone contractor patched the roof at George Washington High School, following a CBS 2 report that questioned conditions at the building. Reporter Dorothy Tucker’s story included photographs of water-damaged ceilings.

“In 2009, we were promised a roof. We only got a patch work,” parent Tina Perez says.

Students and parents had also complained the school was poorly maintained, which they say has been going on for years. Former student Leonel Romaro, who graduated in 2012, said the bathrooms were in poor condition.

“Bathrooms were a mess,” he said. “Rats were occasionally seen.”

The high school failed health inspections in 2013 and 2014. Findings included unclean light shields in the cafeteria, rodent droppings and hand soap dispensers in poor repair.

Health reports indicate the school eventually made improvements. But current students paint a mixed picture.

Principal Kevin Gallick, in an email to parents on Monday, acknowledged the problems, saying, “I am working hard to fight for better resources.”

He promised to address the cleaning and mice issues.

As for the roof, the principal says it’ll cost $1 million for a new one. It’s not in the budget for 2016, he said, but he’s hoping it’ll be in the budget for 2017.

Dorothy Tucker