(CBS) — It was an Andersonville landmark.

Exactly one year ago, that massive water tower atop the Swedish American Museum was removed. But as CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports, efforts to replace it are well underway.

The giant water tower at the museum came down after it sprung a potentially dangerous leak.

Every day we get a question: When is it coming back?” the museum’s Karin Moen Abercrombie says.

The tank fell victim to damage from a record-cold winter. There was so much damage, it couldn’t be repaired.

Loss of the tank also meant the museum lost its fire-fighting water supply. Now, the museum has tapped into city water.

The organization has raised two-thirds of its goal of $150,000 for a replica. The material it will be made out of is still undecided.

To help raise funds, you can buy a piece of the old tank for $100. They are hand-painted, with a certificate of authenticity on back.

The museum must go through the city’s Landmark Commission, which can be a slow process.