(CBS) — It’s finally spring. But besides the sun and warmer weather, the season brings pollen, aggravating allergies.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez talked to allergists.

After a long cold winter, at last spring is in the air. So is something else.

From the roof Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, retied allergist Joseph Leija is sampling air samples.

What he’s finding so far is a fairly low count of what’s to come.

It could be a tough allergy season.

“It’s coming,” says Dr. Rachna Shah.

She’s seen a spike in the number of patients.

Her advice: Keep windows closed as much as possible.

“When you go outside for like a run, come back inside and rinse off so that pollen isn’t stuck on you and you’re not breathing it in,” Shah says.

The allergy season is expected to peak in about four to six weeks.