CHICAGO (CBS) — There are already nearly 12,000 followers of a Twitter feed launched just last September and dedicated to Chicago.

Jason Schwartz launched “Chicago History” in memory of his father, David, a salesman who spent more than 35 years covering Chicago and taking his family all over the city and telling them countless stories about Chicago before he died in March of 2014 at the age of 62.

“Everything that Chicago is, was my father,” Jason says.

Jason has already sent out more than 13,000 tweets and adds more every day. They are photos of famous Chicagoans, everyday Chicagoans and memories of Chicago restaurants, theatres, street corners, trains, ballparks and just about everything.

“Anything related to the city just sparks my interest,” Jason says. “I just want to share it with everyone.”

Jason Schwartz says his family and several others help him compile the photos and he also tries to share current events, saying Chicago history is a living thing, not just the past.

Schwartz says he’s an amateur historian but the Chicago History Museum is a supporter of his Twitter feed and has re-tweeted his offerings many times.

Jason tells WBBM that his father, “didn’t leave me any inheritance. He didn’t have to. This is what he left me, he left me Chicago history.”