CHICAGO (CBS) — The thermometer may disagree, but a lot of people are gearing up for the coming boating season.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports at Crowley’s Yacht Yard on the 3400 block of East 95th Street, work on getting boats ready for the season is taking a break for Yachtapalooza.

The centerpiece of Yachtapalooza is the “Stars and Stripes,” an 80-foot yacht that won the America’s Cup in 1995.

Grant Crowley, the owner of the yacht yard, says owners are anxiously awaiting a break in the weather.

“We were hoping the weather was going to break today,” Crowley said. “We used to have it on the third weekend of March, once we sobered up from St. Patrick’s Day being Irish, the third weekend has been nicer than the fourth weekend.”

Yachtapalooza includes seminars on weather and caring for boats and all aspects of sailing as well as food and entertainment, Crowley says.