CHICAGO (CBS) — 23,000 people ran in what turned out to be a windy Shamrock Shuffle.

Or at least part of the 8K race was, as one runner found out.

“Yeah, extremely windy. It’s not that bad except for this little tunnel right here.”

And “this little tunnel” was on Franklin Street near Quincy.

James Lyles, a volunteer at an aid station, says things were blowing over.

“It’s blowing all our cups over. All over the streets… At least a dozen times, the winds have been strong enough to where tables blew over… Tables that weigh 20-30 pounds, it just blew them right over.”

The wind blew over cups at the aid stations. (Credit: Steve Miller)

The wind blew over cups at the aid stations. (Credit: Steve Miller)

Volunteers had to pick up several tables that fell and they stacked them against the west side of Franklin near the Willis Tower so they wouldn’t blow over again.

The men’s winner was Stephen Sambu, 26, from Tucson, Ariz. with a time of 23 minutes 3 seconds. The women’s winner was Alex Pappas, 25, of Eugene, Ore. with a time of 26 minutes 32 seconds.

Defending wheelchair champ Kendall Gretch, 22, from Madison, Wis. and a native of Downers Grove, finished with a time of 23 minutes 30 seconds.

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