CHICAGO (CBS) — Some drivers will do anything to avoid being towed.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports one driver was so desperate, and seemingly scared, he drove right off the back of a tow truck, and it was all caught on camera.

10 years in the same River North apartment, Tony Marengo says cars are towed every day from the nearby Walgreen’s parking lot.

“You don’t see a car getting towed with somebody in it very often,” he said.

And that’s why Marengo started rolling. He says the white Jeep was towed from the Walgreen’s lot down an alley where, for some reason, the tow truck driver pulled over.

Marengo says the person inside the jeep yelling was yelling, “Hey stop buddy, I’m in here. Hey come on.”

But before the tow truck driver reacts, the Jeep takes off.

The sign on the tow truck says Protective Towing. CBS 2 has learned they do business as Lincoln Towing.

CBS 2 went to the tow yard to find out if the driver knew someone was inside, but were told “no comment.”

It’s also unclear why the jeep wasn’t more securely attached…

“I guess this tow truck driver was just a little too fast for his own good,” Marengo said.

We still don’t know the identity of the driver or who the license plate was registered to despite enlarging the video.

Walgreens refused to give CBS 2 surveillance video of their parking lot from Sunday night.