CHICAGO (CBS) — PetSmart has decided to close three of its animal boarding facilities in the Chicago area, due to the spread of canine influenza.

PetsHotel facilities in Evanston, the South Loop, and Lincoln Park have been closed to protect pets from the spread of dog flu.

The Evanston and South Loop locations have stopped accepting additional pets until further notice, and all pets have been removed from the Lincoln Park site while it is disinfected.

“We use a chemical called Trifectant in there, and really just clean from top to bottom, and follow very rigorous disinfection processes, and making sure that there’s no cross-contamination,” said PetSmart spokesman Andy Izquierdo.

The company also was reminding pet owners to be aware of the symptoms of dog flu.

“The common symptoms include cough, a runny nose, and fever,” he said.

The PetsHotel in Lincoln Park was expected to reopen Easter Sunday.

There have been multiple reports of canine influenza spreading in the area.

“If they’ve been in a boarding facility, if they’ve been at a doggy day camp, or a dog park, that’s an area where this virus can be spread,” Izquierdo said. “Take a look at your dog, look for symptoms, keep them isolated if at all possible.”

The dog flu is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs, caused by a specific Type A influenza virus, and is spread through contact with infected dogs or contaminated objects.

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