Los Angeles Clippers center Glen “Big Baby” Davis is big for a regular man, but for a professional basketball player, he’s a force.

“Basketball came in my life at an early age, around five or six, playing recreational,” Davis said. “I played in the neighborhood on the dirt courts. I started to grow up and get older, finally got to middle school and realized how good I was; and everything started to form there.”

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Davis said his infamous nickname “Big Baby” started long before he played basketball professionally, or even at the collegiate level at LSU.

“My nickname—Big Baby—it’s weird, but it’s cool,” Davis said. “I was a huge kid. I used to play pee wee football and I couldn’t play—I was too big and too overweight for my age limit. I had to play senior and my special teams coach would make fun of me and say, ‘Stop being a big baby.’”

While Davis doesn’t have those types of troubles today, there are some things that he is restricted to because of his size.

Like shopping.

“Shopping is so hard for me, being 6’8” and almost 300lbs, you can’t find clothes on the rack.”

Like his clothes, Davis has had to alter his shopping when it comes to cars too. He owns an Audi A8, which in his words, “is built like a spaceship.”

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“I love it because it can fit a big guy like me,” Davis said.

Another thing his size alters is his eating habits. But Chef Big Baby isn’t letting that get in the way of his lifestyle.

“My diet and exercise routine is really big because of genetics,” Davis said. “My father was a big guy so I have to stay on my diet most definitely a lot and get a lot of exercise in.”

How does Davis stay on top of his diet?

He gets a little help from a personal chef, who he takes pointers from, of course.

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