CHICAGO (CBS) — Video posted on YouTube shows a North Carolina man’s close encounter with one of the powerful tornadoes that hit Illinois near Rockford last week.

Sam Smith recorded the video using his iPhone, after he pulled over on the side of Interstate 39 on Thursday.

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“This is a tornado, and I cannot tell which way it is going, so I don’t know how to get away from it, but it looks like it’s coming right towards me,” he said.

The twister was off to Smith’s right, and closing fast.

“Oh, crap, I have honestly never been in a tornado before,” he said.

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Watching the video, you might feel the urge to tell Smith to get out of there. Eventually, he does back up under a bridge, but remains remarkably calm throughout.

The only sound on the video, aside from his voice, is the windshield wipers on his truck, until the tornado crosses I-39 in front of him.

He said it felt like his truck was going to be lifted off the ground.

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Though he sounded calm, Smith said he was freaking out inside.