CHICAGO (CBS) — Former State Rep. Derrick Smith was sentenced to five months in prison, for his conviction for taking a $7,000 cash bribe from a trusted campaign aide who was secretly working for the FBI.

Federal prosecutors wanted to see Smith serve nearly five years in prison for taking a bribe from an FBI informant posing as a daycare center operator seeking Smith’s support for a state grant.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Coleman had harsh words for Smith, saying he squandered the opportunities given to him when those she called “political gods” appointed him to the Illinois House, but began extorting money within months of taking office.

However, she felt long jail time would be a waste of money after an expensive investigation and prosecution, and didn’t think the public should have to pay to house Smith for years.

In addition to his five months in jail, Smith must serve 360 hours of community service.

Smith briefly spoke with reporters after the hearing.

“I want to thank God, thank the constituents of the 10th District, and individuals – my family and friends – and I just say God bless you, and it’s about rebuilding right now. Thank you,” he said.

His attorneys are appealing the conviction.

Smith was kicked out of the Illinois House after his 2012 arrest, but was reinstated after winning his 2012 election. He was expelled again and lost the seat for good when he was convicted last year.