CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents of preemies can look to one of the players expected to be picked in the early rounds of the NFL Draft this week as inspiration for how far their little ones can go.

Indiana University running back Tevin Coleman said his doctors put his odds of living at 20 percent when he was born 10 weeks premature in 1993, at a weight of only 3.5 pounds.

The unanimous All-American running back for the Hoosiers, a Tinley Park native, spoke to parents and supporters of preemies at the starting line of the March of Dimes 5K walk on Sunday in Grant Park.

“I’m just really glad to be here, as Thursday is the draft, so keep in tune to watch and see where I go,” he said.

His mother, Adlevia Moore-Coleman, said she’s grateful her son grew up healthy.

“To other parents that’s out there that’s premature, that have premature babies, I really believe that when Tevin was born, it’s a gift from God,” she said.

Moore-Coleman said she doesn’t care where her son goes in the NFL Draft, as long as he’s happy.

Organizers of Sunday’s 5K said they raised $1.5 million for the March of Dimes.