CHICAGO (CBS) — Is it just us, or does Benny the Bull look good for 46?

Not that 46 is old, but, let’s be honest, Benny is more limber and energetic than your average teenager.

The latest antics of Benny the Bull were displayed in a way they never were before, via a GoPro attached to his head.

Yes, you can now see Benny’s antics from the POV of the man… bull himself.

The video ends up being sort of an in-the-day-of for the Bulls’ mascot, who’s been around since 1969.

You see it all: Benny annoying Bulls players by touching their beards, fighting with players as he tries to read a newspaper on the basketball court during game time, scaring the heck out of fans as he sneaks up on them, and even riding a tiny motorcycle.

Being Benny seems exhausting.

See the results of the Bulls’ GoPro experiment with Benny below.