(CBS) — Police are questioning two people in connection to the shooting in an off-duty police officer on Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood Sunday morning, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.

The off-duty police officer was getting out of a car near 103rd and Princeton at 5:13 a.m. when he was approached by two males, and one of them started shooting, according to Chicago Police News Affairs.

The officer, who has been identified as Oak Park Police Officer Johnny Patterson, was hit in the arm and leg and was able to return fire. The 57-year-old was taken to Christ Hospital in serious condition.

Semaj Patterson believes his grandfather was on his way to work, as two criminals were on the way to victimize him.

“I ran out and had to hold him up because he was shot in the leg and he couldn’t stand up,” he said.

Semaj is eagerly anticipating the return of his wounded grandfather.

“I’m just glad he’s ok,” Semaj said.

Police say they are interviewing two persons of interests that they located at 99th and Princeton and one of them sustained a gunshot wound.