(CBS) — Some local fish are having surgery Thursday in the name of science, reports WBBM’s Terry Keshner.

Six fish, including muskies, and walleye are getting surgically implanted transmitters.

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“Where one fish with a transmitter is likely to show the fisheries folks where the fish are spawning so they can both preserve those habitats but also protect those fish and do somewhat of a head start program so they can collect these eggs,” said Jennifer Langan of the Brookfield Zoo.

The transmitters are safe from other fish.

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“A muskie that is typically sort of being fished for is over 48 inches long and potentially 10 or more pounds, so it is a large fish,” Langan said.

If someone catches one of the fish, they’ll see a tag that asks them to put it back in the water.

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The fish were taken from Busse Lake in Elk Grove Village.