(CBS) — It’s been seven months since the popular restaurant Hot Doug’s closed, leaving a huge fan base hungry for something more.

Well, a new place has popped up in Andersonville, with a close connection to the old spot.

CBS 2’s Kate Sullivan reports.

Hot G Dog is open and ready for business. The tale of  “build it and they will come” starts with Juan Carlos and Octavio Garcia, brothers  who worked as line cooks at Hot Doug’s for years.

When owner Doug Sohn closed the Chicago favorite in Roscoe Village, the Garcias decided to strike while the griddle’s hot and open their own place.

The G stands for their last name.

Octavio’s son, also called Octavio, is the manager and eager to share their story.

“When they found out (Hot Doug’s) was going to close, they had no idea what to do,” he says. “It took them three months before they decided OK, let’s take the skills Doug showed us and try to open our own restaurant.”

They’re using the same kind of dogs and sausages as Hot Doug’s, but with their own take on gourmet toppings. They include mango sauce, curry sauce and sautéed onion with brown sugar.

Jack Griffith and his friend Dan Rook polished off six dogs in 10 minutes.

The No. 1 seller is the duck foie gras — an “homage” to Sohn, who was known for the once-illegal specialty.