(CBS) — A man allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman on the Red Line train early Sunday morning, reports WBBM’s Mariam Sobh.

It happened around 5 a.m. on the train heading southbound between the Fullerton and North Avenue stations. When police arrived on the scene, the 27-year-old woman told them an unknown man attempted to assault her.

Police say the woman refused medical attention and that the victim and the offender were the only two people in the railcar.

The news is unsettling to CTA riders.

“It definitely freaks me out to hear that but I have to take the train to work every day and there is not much of anything I can do except keep an eye out and pray,” Marriane Stine.

“Nowhere is safe in Chicago like last year around this time some woman got assaulted down here, she escaped though, I mean it just makes me more aware of the surroundings,” said Layah Robinson.

The suspect is still at large and police describe him as a male black between 35-35 years of age, between 5’06”-5’08” and weighing between 130-150 pounds with short hair and short full beard black and gray in color, long finer nails, crooked teeth and was wearing a long tan jacket.