CHICAGO (CBS) — Property tax officials in Schaumburg have begun researching whether additional property taxes should be levied against the owner of a treehouse who rents it out as a romantic getaway.

Dan Alexander has been renting out his furnished treehouse for a few years on Airbnb. It has a full-size bed, WiFi, cable TV, mini fridge, bar, coffee maker, microwave, fireplace, deck, and air conditioning.

Now, the Schaumburg Township Assessor’s office reportedly is exploring the question of whether the treehouse should be considered a second residence, subject to a second property tax bill for Alexander.

“It sounds pretty ridiculous to me,” Alexander said. “I mean, they’re going to tax everybody’s treehouses, playground equipment?”

According to the Daily Herald, the Schaumburg Township Assessor has not yet received an answer from the Cook County Assessor’s office as to whether a separate property tax should be levied on the treehouse.

“It sounds silly to me, but they didn’t elect me to government, so I don’t know,” Alexander said. “I guess when you’re in government, you think about taxing everything.”

He said he hopes nothing comes of the matter.