CHICAGO (CBS) — A special ceremony has been planned for Sunday evening mass at Holy Name Cathedral, in honor of the late Cardinal Francis George, one month after his death.

His galero – a wide-brimmed red silk hat that used to be given to Catholic bishops at the Vatican when they became cardinals – will be raised to the dome of Holy Name Cathedral.

The practice of presenting galeros to new cardinals ended in 1965, as Pope Paul VI believed they were too pompous a symbol, and Catholics could not relate to it.

Still, many cardinals have continued the practice of getting a galero after they become cardinal, and in Chicago the galeros are hung at the top of the dome over the altar at Holy Name Cathedral.

George’s galero, a red silk hat with tassels, will be hung Sunday night near the galeros of his five predecessors at the Chicago Archdiocese – cardinals Samuel Stritch, George William Mundelein, Albert Gregory Meyer, John Cody, and Joseph Bernardin.