(CBS) — Maurie Berman, the founder of the iconic Chicago hot dog joint Superdawg, died early Sunday morning at age 89 from heart problems, his family said.

The original Superdawg opened at the corner of Milwaukee, Devon and Nagle in May of 1948. In 2010, a second location was opened in Wheeling.

Both locations will be closed on Tuesday to honor Berman’s memory.

Maurie Berman’s son Scott spoke with Newsradio and says that he would love everyone to know that his father was a true Chicagoan who loved doing what he did.

“Here is a great American story of a guy who grew up in Chicago, raised a family and a successful business and just enjoyed it all the time.”

Berman’s son-in-law Don Drucker, a Superdawg co-owner, says he was very content with having only two locations.

“Maurie would always say when you get too big, you lose control of being able to interact with the customers and really knowing the customers,” Drucker said. “He stressed and lived by the control serving every sandwich every time in a manner that’ll make you want to come back and bring your friend with you.”