(CBS) — While lawmakers in Washington continue to argue about immigration reform, some local representatives are trying to get people to attend a series of workshops being held across the state on the issue.

Congressman Mike Quigley says attendance numbers have been down. He says they’re set up so people can find out about getting permanent residency, the naturalization process and where to get help with any legal questions.

He says there are too many scammers who take money from people who aren’t U.S. citizens.

“We have concerns that there are people out there who exploit the situation and tell people, for example, that they have to pay them a bunch of fees so that they run them though this program and that is not necessary,” Quigley said. “They can go to their elected officials, there’s a lot of community organizations that are willing to help.

As far as whether there will be immigration reform soon, Quigley says if it doesn’t make it to the House floor by the end of the summer it likely won’t be addressed again until after a new president is elected.