CHICAGO (CBS) — Some big names were coming to Chicago on Monday to celebrate the beginning of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s second term.

Former President Bill Clinton will watch as Emanuel is sworn in, along with all 50 aldermen, the city clerk, and city treasurer.

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Police were at the Chicago Theatre early Monday morning, preparing for the inauguration ceremony.

As part of his inauguration celebration, Emanuel spent part of his weekend mulching and raking at the Wilma Rudolph Learning Center on the Near West Side. It was his way of touting what he called a day of service.

The mayor said his second term is all about rising to meet the many challenges the city faces.

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“It’s a moment in time in which we embark on both the changes that are necessary for the city, but also included in that is remember what brings us together; and I’m going to challenge everybody to work harder on behalf of our children, and the city of Chicago. We have a great city. It is great because of the people,” the mayor said Saturday.

Doors at the Chicago Theatre were scheduled to open to the public at 8 a.m., ahead of the 10:30 a.m. inauguration ceremony, but you’ll need a ticket go get in, and tickets were no longer available Monday morning.

Lyric Opera soprano Renee Fleming will sing at the ceremony and Englewood poet Harold Green will read a poem.

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After he is sworn in, Emanuel and his wife will host an open house at his fifth floor office at City Hall.