(CBS) In addition to the Blackhawks chasing a Stanley Cup, there’s added incentive for Chicago fans to root hard for a win against Anaheim in Game 2 of the Western Conference Final on Tuesday night.

To further pester Orange County Register columnist Jeff Miller and any Ducks fans he represents.

In a column that reminds of how terrified Nashville Predators fans are of Blackhawks faithful invading their city, Miller explained why Ducks fans must brace themselves for “annoying” Blackhawks fans, who apparently travel really well to southern California too.

A sampling from Miller’s column that was titled “Hey Ducks fans, annoying Chicago Blackhawks fans coming your way.”

Chicago fans will invade Honda Center, proudly showing off their Blackhawks jerseys and Midwest accents, chanting their grating chants, cheering when it’s entirely inappropriate to do so and standing to gloat every time Jonathan Toews does anything even remotely productive, like blow his nose on the ice.

Then, while waiting out in the parking lot before driving home, they’ll get on their cell phones and email me, accusing Corey Perry of being, without any doubt, the most irritating thing they’ve ever seen.

And they will use the word seen, as in “I seen Perry do this” or “I seen Perry do that.” I’m not sure what that’s about, either. I guess it’s a Midwest thing.

To Miller’s credit, he gives Chicago fans props for being so passionate, and it’s a well-written piece, with a fair shot at the Cubs to boot.

But it once again comes across as whining from an inferior hockey city in search of something it doesn’t have, be it a rabid fan base or two Stanley Cups in the past five years.

So keep writing, folks. Blackhawks fans will keep being annoying.