CHICAGO (CBS) — The one-year-old pit bull mix that was left alone in a Chicago city dog pound van for at least five days last month is now a step closer to getting her “forever home.”

Missy was apparently forgotten for five days and nights in mid-April, left in a Chicago Animal Care and Control van with almost no food and water.

She survived. Last week, Missy was transferred to the rescue organization Found Chicago.

“She really is a sweet girl, but she’s a bundle of energy,” said Found Chicago executive director Juliana Villacorta. “She’s going to require a little bit more work. She has a sparkle in her eye, and I think you’ll notice when you meet her, when she locks eyes with you, she is like, ‘Oh, are you going to come pet me? I’m waiting for you. I’m waiting. Come on!'”

Villacorta said Missy — who’s been renamed Monkey because of her energy level — will need a few weeks of training before she’s adoptable.

She has gained a little weight at Found Chicago.

Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson’s office was investigating what happened to her at Chicago Animal Care and Control. A spokesman for Animal Control said there won’t be any discipline for the employee who left Missy in the van until after the IG’s report is in.

WBBM and the BGA reported a year ago about two dogs that were accidentally killed at Animal Control: a dog named Chance that was mistakenly euthanized, and another dog that was choked to death by an Animal Control employee using a “catch pole.”