(CBS) — Last week, CBS 2 went to Douglas Park and discovered dirty needles left by junkies who use the park.

Today, CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez returned to Douglas Park and found more needles in the park, but unlike last week when it took a day for Chicago Park District crews to pick up the needles CBS 2 reported, there were crews already on the lookout for the dangerous drug paraphernalia.

They are in the corners, in the crevices and on the ground mixed in with leaves: needles and empty baggies that once held drugs.

Today, Park District employees used gloves and a special receptacle to dispose of some of the debris.

One mom who brought her child to play here today says she’s seen the needles too, and would like to see the problem addressed.

“Considering there’s AIDS and all type of viruses going around in the world you definitely don’t want any needles and syringes around in a park where kids are playing,” said Brandi Mack.

She said they aren’t doing enough to clean it up.

Douglas Park will be the new home for Riot Fest. The Park District says they continually monitor and clean up this type of debris.

We reached out to police to find out if they’re on the lookout for drug activity in the park but didn’t hear back. Recently elected 27th Ward Alderman Michael Scott said it’s a huge park and a tricky problem, but he said he did not have time to be interviewed today.