By Ed Curran

SUMMIT, Ill. (CBS) — Heavy rains and strong winds blew through the Chicago area Tuesday, and CBS 2’s Ed Curran reports in southwest suburban Summit, they are assessing the damage.

Curran reports in one case the winds were nearly 60 miles per hour and that the damage near 61st an 62nd and Harlem Avenue is indicative of a very strong storm.

Shingles were ripped of the roofs of houses and dumper in the street nearby and about a block away Curran found toppled trees, including a spruce tree with a trunk one foot in diameter snapped clean by the storm. Adriana Marin says it’s her tree and she saw it all happened.

“You heard that big boom and you weren’t sure what it was,” Marin said. “It scared me. I knew something fell down

She said it was one of the biggest trees on the block.

Curran reports the three block stretch of damage is very narrow and everything is oriented to the
the northeast. That would indicate that perhaps it is all because of straight line winds. However, a very weak tornado could do this kind of damage and not exhibit the tornado signature of damage around where everything is strewn about in more of a circular pattern with things falling over different ways.

The National Weather Service will send a team of experts out there Wednesday morning to take a look at the damage.

The storm also caused some damage in Orland Park, toppling over a tree in Ann Szrusis’ yard.

Storm damage in Orland Park. (Credit: Ann Szrusis.

Storm damage in Orland Park. (Credit: Ann Szrusis.