By Roseanne Tellez

(CBS) — Those wily coyotes are back. They’re roaming right through backyards in the west suburb of Naperville and putting pet-owners on high alert.

It wasn’t hard to find residents who’ve seen these critters, and that might make you think there’s an explosion in the population. But authorities tell CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez that’s not the case.

Nearly everyone has a story or pictures. You might think they’re invading.  But Naperville Animal Control says despite all the sightings there are only a few coyotes.

Christine Maybach of Naperville Animal Control says the animals don’t pose a threat to people, though small dogs are another story.

“Treat them like you would a toddler, don’t leave them unattended,” she says.

And while it may be a shocking sight, don’t be timid.

“You don’t want to just say shoo, you want to stamp your feet (and yell) ‘Get out of here!’” Maybach says.