(CBS) — Water rescuers in Evanston and Waukegan have been spending the weekend teaching others what do to if someone is drowning in Lake Michigan, reports WBBM’s Veronica Carter.

Jumping in and trying to save a drowning person may be the first instinct, but Dave Benjamin of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project says that’s not always the best plan. He says too many times the rescuer also becomes the victim and if you’re going in the water, take something that floats with you.

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“An NFL football could float a person, there’s boogie boards at the beach, coolers, empty them out and they float well,” he said.

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Benjamin says from a busy beach, it’s not always easy to spot a drowning victim.

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The temperature has been going up a little but the water is still cold and Benjamin says that can limit your ability to swim, give you muscle cramps and cause you to hyperventilate quickly.