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After a decade in the making, the 606 Trail finally opened this past weekend. I decided to ride the entire trail during the opening weekend and mount a camera on my bike to document the experience.

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The 606 Trail map marks 13 entrance points along its 2.7 mile route. I hopped on the trail at California Avenue just a block and a half south of Armitage. Opting to head West towards Ridgeway, the first thing I noticed is the amount of people on the trail. Perhaps this was due to it being the opening weekend and one of the first warm weekend days in some time, but if you’re on a bike, this isn’t something you simply hop on full steam ahead. Coupled with a long, winding ramp just to get on the trail, you’ll expend a lot of energy getting on it.

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The trail itself is wider than a sidewalk, but not nearly as big as a street lane. With a yellow line in the middle and a blue surface lining the edges, there isn’t a ton of room to maneuver and maintain steady speed. Then again, with less people out and about, it could be possible. A mixture of bikers, walkers, joggers, scooters, skateboarders, rollerbladers, and more made up the users of the 606 when I rode it. You see all types of people using the trail, from families enjoying a warm day, to dog-walkers, to exercisers, to bikers taking in the route, and overzealous bikers zipping along.

While the trail itself offers beautiful views with fresh infrastructure, it appears there is still work to be done. I didn’t notice many trash cans or water fountains along the trail itself. It also appears there is plenty of room off the trail to plant foliage and other earthly decorations. That being said, those are only minor notes in the grander scheme of things. I recommend checking out the trail for yourself, especially on a bright, beautiful Chicago day.

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