By Andy Giersher

(CBS) — Stocks finished the last day of the trading week on a down note, as traders seek clarity on Fed policy ahead of next week’s much-anticipated meeting. Also weighing on stocks was continued uncertainty surrounding the Greek debt crisis.

The NASDAQ lost 31, the S&P 500 dropped 14 and the Dow Jones industrial average shed more than 141 points, settling to 17,898.

“Senior officials from all 19 Eurozone countries have jointly discussed the possibility of a Greek default and exit from the Euro for the first time. That’s why it is front and center on everybody’s mind. I think it is something that needs to end for the market to feel a little more comfortable,” Andy Busch, editor of the Busch Update, says.

He also noted even if Greece defaults and leaves the Eurozone, it is not the end of the world.