For those who wish to shed their clothes on bike
Tomorrow’s Naked Bike Ride you will like

Thirteenth of June, what a beautiful day
But not really, hopefully it won’t rain
The weather will be cloudy, overcast
From wind, you will have to protect your… Butt

This nude bike event is bare-as-you-dare
Be proud of that wonderful body hair
Go full frontal if you got the courage
Body paint and costumes are encouraged

The rules, read carefully, they are many
You must abide by them on your journey
Like this: “No drugs or booze during your ride”
Or the Chicago police, you will find

And now I must make a small confession
This poem I did without permission
Please reader, my boss, do not go and tell
Or I will have to wish you straight to… You know…

Thanks for indulging me, everyone! I won’t try iambic pentameter again for at least a month or two… Find out more about the World Naked Bike Ride: Chicago, taking place tomorrow at 6 pm, here.

Mason Johnson is a Web Content Producer for CBS Chicago. You can find him on Twitter.