CHICAGO (CBS) — Former Mayor Richard Daley and his family attended the official opening ceremony today for the new Maggie Daley Park, named for his late wife, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

Maggie Daley’s daughter Nora called the park a masterpiece.

“I am overwhelmed as I know my mother would have been at the wonderment, laughter and smiles of the children and their families.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Maggie Daley was the city’s heart and her park will forever be in the heart of Chicago.

“Maggie Daley reflected the best of who we are as a city and this park is a reflection of who she was as a person: graceful, full of life and one-of-a-kind,” Emanuel said.

After the ceremony, former Mayor Richard Daley said it was an emotional day.

“Beautiful park…I think it really reflects what Rahm has said and others and Nora what Maggie really loved was the city and loved the children,” Daley said.

The Chicago Children’s Choir performed a song composed for Maggie Daley for the event called “Wonderful Things.”

Those attending the opening ceremony today at Maggie Daley Park were greeted by protesters who are upset because they can’t take their dogs into the park.

The protesters say they were always told during park planning meetings that dogs would be allowed. They were even pictured in the artist’s renderings, but just before the park’s skating ribbon opened, it was decided they would not be allowed.

Dog owners protesting the dog ban at Maggie Daley Park. (Credit: Mike Krauser)

Dog owners protesting the dog ban at Maggie Daley Park. (Credit: Mike Krauser)

“This was our neighborhood park and we had been promised throughout the planning process and during construction that the dogs would be let back in and that they’re when people have made expensive decision to live in this neighborhood with their pets, people feel very betrayed,” said Shannon Christian.

About three dozen people picketed along Randolph Street, outside the park.

They live in high-rises in the area and always used that section of Grant Park to walk their dogs, until construction of Maggie Daley Park forced them to go elsewhere.

Some complain that they have to walk several blocks to get to a section of Grant Park where dogs are allowed.