CHICAGO (CBS) — As Blackhawks fans prepare for Monday night’s possible Stanley Cup-winning game at the United Center, many were taking advantage of stores that are popping up around town to sell team merchandise.

At the Clark Street Sports pop-up store in the Ogilvie Transportation Center, manager Mark Zuniga said business has been brisk.

“It’s been crazy. Every day we get the morning rush. People come in on the trains; lunch rush, and then evening rush,” he said. “It’s fast-paced. We’re selling jerseys left and right.”

The team’s official store on Michigan Avenue also has seen plenty of fans shopping for Blackhawks sweaters, t-shirts, and caps.

A man visiting from North Carolina walked out with a bag full of goodies for his family.

“Shirt for my wife, shirt for myself, shirt for my kids,” he said.

Mario Parra went into the Blackhawks Store on Michigan Avenue, looking for a team jersey for his 2-year-old daughter, but walked out empty-handed.

“I was looking for something for my daughter, and I couldn’t find it, so I wish they had the jersey that I was looking for,” he said.

The pop-up store at the Ogilvie Transportation Center has been set up for about the last month, conveniently located where commuters come through the doors from the platforms.

The store offers convenience, according to Zuniga.

“They say, ‘I need a Kane in a small.’ Okay, you got it. We don’t have it on the shelf, we’ll make it for you. 10 minutes,” he said.

Team sweaters bearing the names and numbers of Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, and others sell for $190 dollars each. That price has not slowed down sales.

“They’re going fast. We’re selling out fast, but we got plenty left,” Zuniga said.

Michelle Hoffenberg bought one for her 5-year old son, and felt lucky because, “they’ve been sold out everywhere. So they just got a shipment in today, and I’m glad that I got it.”

Charles Pfister walked into the pop-up store to buy a Blackhawks cap for Game 6, even though he said he has plenty of Chicago sportswear, including Blackhawks gear.

“It’s super exciting to have a dynasty coming to town tonight. So, got to represent it,” he said.

Why such brisk sales? Zuniga said it’s because everyone loves to be part of a winning team.