By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) — Now with three Stanley Cup champions in recent memory, a certain word is being thrown around: dynasty.

Sports Illustrated used the word on their cover for the Blackhawks’ win and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman gave his stamp of approval Monday night.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports lots of Blackhawks fans believe it.

Still, others insist a team has to win more than three titles in a short span, like Michael Jordan’s Bulls.

We took the question to a legend: 89-year-old Jack Rosenberg, the former long-time WGN sports editor.

“The Blackhawks look to me like they have created a dynasty,” he said.

A fitting definition especially now, says Rosey.

“You’ve got to give them credit because the rules and regulations have changed,” he said.

Echoed by hockey writer Scott Burnside of ESPN:

“Their consistent greatness, their consistent ability to navigate the salary-cap world and still find ways to win at the highest level when the games mean the most … makes them the gold standard.”

Gold standard or dynasty either one is quite a compliment.

“I think you have to consider the word and there’s no harm in saying it anyhow,” Rosey said.

No harm indeed and sports fans love a good debate, but there’s no debate over how this team will be remembered in Chicago years from now with great affection and respect.