(CBS) Considering the TV ratings, abundance of team apparel and bar scene of late in the city, nearly every single person in Chicago is aware that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on Monday night after a 2-0 victory against the Lightning in Game 6 at the United Center.

Apparently, news doesn’t travel quite as fast across the globe.

In a recent edition, The Korea Times, an English newspaper in South Korea, reported that the “Chicago Bears clinch the Stanley Cup” in a headline. It was an honest mistake that’s going to happen from time to time given the culture differences , but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny around these parts — especially considering the Blackhawks are a model sports franchise and that the Bears have been, well, the Bears in recent years.

Which is to to say they’ve been a debacle and embarrassment too often.

For the record, the Bears last won a title in 1985. The Blackhawks have won six titles in their history, including three in the past six seasons.

Take a look at the error below. Then imagine what it’d be like to see Jay Cutler on skates.