(CBS) – A west suburban retiree is out $80,000 after he was conned through a fake-lottery scam.

Lee Williams, 73, used to be a commodity broker. After retirement, he was in a car crash and spent seven months in the hospital.  When he got out he was out of money. That’s when the phone calls started.

Williams says it was stupid and he was desperate so he gave them money for what he thought was government fees before he could collect the prize.

“I have asked questions, I’ve asked for proof. They always have some kind of answer but no money for me,” the Aurora man says.

Of course there, was no prize.

After losing all of his money, Williams is now living in a group home for veterans in Aurora.

No one has been arrested in the scam at this point. The Better Business Bureau says there are scammers everywhere and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.