(CBS) — A convicted felon has been charged in a 2013 cold-case murder.

Suspect Dwayne Anderson had an ongoing dispute over a woman with a friend of victim Jason Jernigan. Prosecutors say twice in September 2013 the altercations became physical, and the 32-year-old Anderson’s rival fired on him. Anderson collided with a parked car and suffered a shoulder injury.

Prosecutors say Anderson tried to retaliate in November 2013 but gunned down Jernigan instead, emerging from a vacant lot on the 3300 block of West Van Buren Street, as the rival managed to hide behind a parked SUV.

The case went cold for more than a year until another man came to police and said Anderson implicated himself, allegedly saying it was a retaliatory strike and saying he did not believe he would be caught because no one knew him in the area where the shooting occurred.

Anderson was arrested at the Hill Correctional Center, where he is serving a two-year sentence on a drug conviction.

Judge James Brown set bail at $1 million. He returns to court July 23.