(CBS) All-Star wing Jimmy Butler officially signed his max deal with the Bulls on Thursday, inking for five years and about $95 million.

Butler’s now being paid like a star, but he wouldn’t know his status from reading the text messages from his college coach.

Despite their busy schedules, Buzz Williams — who coached Butler at Marquette and has since moved on to Virginia Tech — still talks with Butler five days per week, by his estimate. He also starts many mornings by sending Butler motivational text messages.

He had quite the text for Butler on Thursday at 5:11 a.m. ET, where Williams was in Blacksburg, Va. That would be 4:11 a.m. CT for Butler.

The text read:

“Getting my workout in before I leave (he knew I was coming here) because I know you’re taking the day off thinking you’ve done something. You thought getting a max deal was the game, but the game for real dudes is being one of the top 50 guys ever and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Those guys wake up hungry to work. Get you some rest. I’ll see you in a little bit.”

To cap it off, Williams then sent a photo of himself lifting dumbells at the gym.

Williams relayed this story after attending the press conference at the United Center to announce Butler’s re-signing. It’s reflective of their relationship, with Williams always pushing Butler to reach these heights.

Not too long after, Butler had a response to Williams’ initial text.

“I’ve been up. I’m eating breakfast, then going to get my work done. 5 o’clock pal,” Butler texted Williams back, according to the latter.