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(CBS) — A frightening new manual from ISIS gives step by step directions on how to commit a terrorist attack and get away with it. Homeland Security has launched an investigation into the document CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini exposes in this Original Report.

The very well written roadmap covers every topic, even explaining different tactics for men and women. It also gives steps on how to save and share the document without getting caught.

The ISIS training manual, the title CBS 2 is not revealing, has 70 detailed pages of lessons on earning money through scams, hiding your identity, bomb making, becoming a sleeper-cell and more.

Michael Masters, director of Cook County’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, says they are very familiar with this document.

“This document contains a lot of dangerous information in the hands of the wrong people,” said Masters. “First, it’s obvious that whoever wrote it, or the group of people that wrote it, have spent a lot of time studying both our culture, our society, and within individual cultures, how to navigate through our communities.”

Masters says his office is investigating the document to try and pinpoint ways to detect new ISIS recruits in the community. He says this document is a threat and a tool.

It is a survival guide too, teaching recruits how to get trained, including playing video games to hone shooting skills. It gives details on how to avoid detection and how to escape for safety after committing a jihadi attack. It explains why it would be ok to kill.

Junaid Afeef is a partner with the Truman Project, a progressive policy organization that focuses on homeland security threats.

“ISIS’ end game is to scare us,” said Afeef. “This is a shocking publication. I think this bomb making really draws my attention.”

He says the manual is a roadmap on how to become a terrorist right here at home.

“It talks about being a secret agent,” said Afeef.”It basically describes a jihadi Jason Bourne.”
“And they’re presenting successful things that worked for those individuals as tactics and techniques that those people can use,” said Masters. “The colored contact lenses, changing your voice, things like that.”

Instead of traveling to ISIS camps in Syria, the chilling guidebook instructs recruits to stay embedded here in the West.

Authorities say they are using what they learned in the manual, to help educate religious groups and community groups about the importance of beefing up security and being more aware of sudden changes in behavior.

Imam Kifah Mustapha is director of Prayer Center of Orland Park.

“We try our best to educate the families and the kids themselves,” said Mustapha. “It takes only one fanatic person to cause a lot of harm.”

Mustapha, along with Afeef, are members of a council that meets with Homeland Security regularly about threats in their community.

“The Muslim community needs to know all the means and methods ISIS uses,” said Afeef.

This manual also describes a so-called multi-billion dollar campaign against Muslims. It suggests there will be a mass slaughter or imprisonment of those practicing the religion painting a Hitler-like picture of westerners; all part of their psychological recruitment and training tactics.