(CBS) The Bulls have been valued at $2 billion, tied for the 14-most valuable franchise in all of sports, according to Forbes in its annual study.

That’s the same amount the Bulls were valued at in January when Forbes did a study of NBA franchises. The Bulls are the third-most valuable NBA franchise, trailing the Lakers ($2.6 billion) and the Knicks ($2.5 billion).

Helping the Bulls’ value is that they have led the NBA in attendance for six straight seasons, as well as the league’s massive new TV deal that is worth $2.67 billion annually when it kicks in for the 2016-’17 season.

Elsewhere on the local scene, the Cubs are estimated to be worth $1.8 billion, tied for the 17th-most most valuable franchise in sports. The Bears were valued at $1.7 billion, tied for 20th.

The Blackhawks and White Sox don’t appear on the top-50 list.

La Liga powerhouse Real Madrid was the most valuable sports franchise, being valued at $3.26 billion. The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys were second at $3.2 billion.