CHICAGO (CBS) — Days after a man crashed his car and died during a drag race on Lower Wacker Drive, changes are being made to try to make it impossible.

From now on, those who use portions of the two lower levels of Wacker Drive will have no choice but to go slow.

The Chicago Dept. of Transportation Tuesday began to install a combination of rumble strips, speed bumps and barricades at the behest of Ald. Brendan Reilly (42), who asked CDOT in April to come up with answers because police could not station patrols on the lower levels around the clock.

In addition, Reilly said, he will propose ordinances that would make the lower levels no cruising zones, and would bar stopping, standing and parking on portions of the lowest level when drag racing is most prevalent, late at night.

Early Saturday, 20-year-old Jose Luvianos Jr. died and a friend driving another car was hurt in a crash that occurred 17 minutes after special police patrols ended on Lower Wacker.

The friend, 18-year-old Ivan Sanchez, faces reckless homicide and aggravated DUI charges in addition to several traffic citations. Bond was set Monday at $150,000.