CHICAGO (CBS) — Members of Local School Councils from around the city have called on local leaders to stop pointing fingers in regard to the Chicago Public Schools’ budget situation, and find a way to reverse the budget cuts affecting neighborhood schools.

Darwin Elementary LSC member Jennie Fronczak said what public schools need now is leadership.

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“LSC members, parents, and community members stand together to urge CPS, the city, and the state to stop pointing fingers at each other,” Fronczak said at a rally Tuesday outside the Thompson Center downtown. “Our young scholars should not have to pay the price because adults continue to act like children.”

In announcing $200 million in budget cuts – including about 1,400 layoffs and eliminated positions – the district has blamed state lawmakers for its financial problems. A budget plan unveiled by CPS earlier this month relies on $500 million in pension relief from Springfield, or schools would face additional cuts.

Overall, neighborhood schools already will see $60 million in cuts, while charter schools would gain more than $30 million.

Kyle Hillman, a community member of the LSC at Gale Math & Science Academy, said the budget cuts hitting the Rogers Park school make no sense.

“We lost our librarians, even though our neighborhood collected books, in order to give the kids, in order to read. We lost our technology teachers. Imagine that; a math and science academy without technology instruction,” he said.

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Beard Elementary School in the Norwood Park neighborhood recently was the target of offensive graffiti — including slurs against special needs children, swastikas, and the phrase “Heil Hitler” — but parent and LSC member Laurie Viets said the budget cuts are worse.

“Spray paint is not a threat to my child. Budget cuts are a threat to my child, and children like him,” she said.

LSC members were calling for more revenue from measures such as tax increment financing surpluses, a state income tax increase, or higher property taxes.

More CPS budget protests were scheduled for Wednesday morning, when the Chicago Board of Education will hold its monthly meeting.

At its budget protest outside CPS headquarters, the Chicago Teachers Union was calling for a boycott of Bank of America, for what the union calls “toxic” interest rate swap deals that have cost the city and school district more than $1 billion.

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Meantime, right around the corner, a group of charter school parents, teachers, and others were holding a rally to call on the district to restore funding that has been delayed by CPS.