CHICAGO (CBS) — A disabled Aurora man was smiling from ear to ear earlier this week when friends showed up at his home with his new transportation.

Tre Winfrey, 25, was the innocent victim of a drive-by shooting in 2007, and was left paralyzed.

His mother, Rita Robinson, had been driving him around in a rusty old borrowed van, after the one bought by his grandfather died.

“All I knew was I had to take care of my child. My father stepped up,” Robinson said.

Winfrey and his mother sought help through an online fundraising campaign.

“My plans are going back to school. All who are willing and able to support, I thank you,” he said.

The campaign was started by an anti-violence group called Triple Threat Mentoring. On Wednesday, Winfrey’s friends delivered a $20,000 wheelchair-accessible Mercedes van, thanks to 130 donors.