Though Lollapalooza offers Chow Town, its very own “festival of food” as its website states, there are plenty of others options nearby. Whether you want a quick bite on the way in, a nice meal before the headlining sets, or a late night snack before you collapse into bed, this list includes a little bit of everything. Here are six easy options for dining in the Loop during the weekend of Lollapalooza.


Au Bon Pain:

For those looking to really jump-start their weekend, this café and bakery opens bright and early on weekdays, and just a few hours later on the weekend. It’s been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you plan on lasting through Lollapalooza the extra energy couldn’t hurt.

Protein Bar:

This quick-stop meal offers some healthy options and is also an easy way to sneak some nutrients in on a weekend typically filled with (varying amounts of) booze.

Which Wich:

This highly praised sandwich shop offers a substantial meal that can also be consumed on the go, meaning you can eat it while you wait in line to get through the Grant Park gates.

Evening/Late Night

Grand Lux Cafe:

If the morning tired you out or if you don’t plan on stepping into Lolla land until the big names hit the stage, this restaurant is a great option for a nice, sit-down meal.

Simply Thalia:

This restaurant offers a variety of foods, not just Thai as the name may suggest. As someone who has eaten Pad Thai at 10 a.m., this meal can make a great breakfast (for some), lunch or dinner.

Shake Shack:

For those who don’t dare step out of Grant Park until they have no other choice but to leave, this may be the best option for you. This fast-food restaurant is conveniently open late so you can grab a bite to eat before you catch an after show, after party, or some Z’s.