This is in a year where Lollapalooza kicks off in July for the first time in 10 years. With that said, you might have not checked out your hotel options if you’re coming in from out of town. If you live in the city, planning a nice little staycation by booking a hotel and acting like a tourist for Lolla can be fantastic. Here’s a guide below to hotels in the loop for Lollapalooza weekend; I separated them into two categories, value/luxury and hotels closest to Grant Park for convenience.

Value and Luxury:

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Note: All of these hotels are currently available but are filling up fast, so don’t hesitate.

Hotel Allegro Chicago
171 W Randolph St.

Weekend Rate: 229 a night + fees

If you want to mix in seeing some live theater but don’t want to break your bank, then Allegro is the place for you. If you’re trying to impress your special someone, they offer a romantic package for 414 a night. It includes a bottle of Prosecco delivered to your room and a 50 dollar credit to use at either 312 Chicago restaurant or their cozy bar. For more information visit their website.

Hyatt Centric
100 W. Monroe St.

Weekend Rate: 208 a night + fees

At just 208 a night for Lollapalooza weekend, this is most likely the best bargain you can find unless you have friends or family in the hospitality industry. The Hyatt offers great reviews online, a rooftop bar, and it’s just steps away from shopping, the theater district, and many fabulous restaurants. Since you’re going to be saving so much loot on the rate, indulge at Grillroom Chophouse right by the hotel and tell ’em Andy sent you (just kidding, don’t say that).

Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
230 N Michigan Ave.

Weekend Rate: 309 a night (non-refundable) – 359 a night (refundable) + fees

Let’s move up the price scale a bit. Hard Rock is known for throwing extravagant day and after parties Lollapalooza weekend. Just last year they had a performance by Lykke Li, and DJ sets from Joe Jonas and That 70’s Show star Danny Masterson. Many Lollapalooza artists have been seen at Hard Rock post Lolla so you might run into your most admirable act. Check out reservation information here.

Trump Hotel Chicago
401 N. Wabash Avenue

Weekend Rate: 550 a night for The Trumpalooza Package

I’m happy to report I got in touch with Trump’s ad agency and got the skinny on their 2015 Trumpalooza package for guests that weekend. It’s gone down in price from the past and is pretty spectacular. This year the package includes: Deluxe room for 2, food vouchers in Rebar (their chic lounge), and two Lolla survivor backpacks. Inside the backpacks are as follows: a water bottle, suntan lotion, vitamin energy drink, trump hat, sunglasses, and of course a poncho. Booking information for the package should be online soon, but you can call in to 312-588-8000 to reserve it today.

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Closest to Grant Park:

If you don’t like to walk far after a very long day or just like the convenience of being right by the park, here’s 3 hotels still taking reservations that are right there.

Hilton Hotel Chicago
720 S. Michigan Ave.

Weekend Rate: 364 a night + fees

While the heir to the throne Conrad Hilton (Paris Hilton’s little brother) is busy getting kicked off flights and calling people peasants; this historic hotel on Michigan Ave offers a tremendous view of Grant Park and is steps away from the entrance. One of my favorite Lolla moments happened in this hotel; a buddy I was with in 2012 knew people who were staying there, so when the rain delayed the fest on that Saturday we headed up to their room. When we got off the elevator, at least 50 twenty-somethings were partying and playing beer pong in the big floor lobby. We ran the table and re-entered to see Bloc Party deliver one of my favorite Lollapalooza sets of all time. Great memories, check out reservation information here.

The Essex Inn
800 S. Michigan Ave.

Weekend Rate: Advanced Purchase – 275, non-advanced – 395 a night w/ valet parking

If you like staying super close to the park and saving money, I’d recommend booking now to get the 275 a night rate. The Essex sign on top of the hotel is a can’t miss from the park and is surrounded by great places to eat. If you’re coming from out of town and have never had Lou Malnati’s pizza, there’s one right behind Essex. Plus, Buddy Guy’s Legends is right near it in case you need to get your blues fix. Book away here.

The Palmer House
17 E. Monroe St.

Weekend Rate: 345 a night + fees

The interior of this place is phenomenal and is home to one of the best hotel restaurants in the city; The Lockwood Restaurant & Bar. The Palmer House is the oldest operating hotel in Chicago and is filled with history. It’s also extremely close to Grant Park and is a four-star hotel without being too pricey. Get more reservation information here.

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As the summer continues on, a lot of these spots will release more information about fun events they’re planning around Lollapalooza weekend. If you know you’re coming into town and haven’t booked yet, jump on some of these advanced rates. Happy hotel browsing and start the countdown to one of the finest weekends in the city!