(CBS) — A Chicago man plans a long bicycle trek to draw awareness to keeping kids fit.

27-year-old Tom Schneider runs T.R.U.E. Fit clinics all over Chicago, mostly on the West Side and one location in the North Shore at New Trier High School.

T.R.U.E. Fit stands for “The Resourceful Use of Exercise.” Schneider says it is a concept that kids should learn early. He says growing up outside Boston, his parents never even had a car, so he rode his bike everywhere. He says it is different for kids today and their lifestyle is way too sedentary with smart phones and the internet.

“When you see the kids during recess and they don’t even want to move around at all, it kind of makes you think something needs to give,” he said.

On August 10, Schneider will hit the road on an 1,100 mile bicycle journey to his hometown south of Boston.

“I start in Plymouth, Indiana August 10 and I finish in my hometown of Rockland, Massachusetts Aug 21,” he said.

Along the way, Schneider will be busy helping kids stay fit.

“I am going to be riding my bike and I have some pre-arranged sites to conduct a clinic at youth organizations along the way,” he said.

Velosmith Bicycle Studio in Wilmette is sponsoring Schneider’s trip.